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The History of Nory Locum


For over fifty years, NORY CANDY's mission has been to produce the best vegan, kosher, handcrafted artisanal confection known as locum. Each bite-sized sweet, chewy and nutty cube is adorned with powdered sugar or nuts, and refreshes the palate as never before.  The feedback and long term relationships established with our customers from all around the world  are the evidence that we have truly perfected  the art of making this sensational confection.


NORY's selections include a diverse and tasty medley of subtle fruit and exotic flavors, available with or without fresh California grown nuts. Last year, we introduced the SweetnSpicy line which appeals to those who enjoy a spicy kick in their candies and in their drinks.


Although established in 1964, Nory Candy's treats continue to appeal to new generations and enjoy a huge following among millennials. Our customers appreciate that each and every batch is...

                                      given the utmost care and attention

                                      made with locally grown, high quality ingredients





The versatility of this flavorful dessert, which originated in the royal courts of Asia Minor and the Middle East around the 15th century, satisfies a wide array of palates.


Our locum's traditional wholesomeness allows it to be enjoyed as an elegant after-dinner delicacy, a unique accompaniment to coffee and tea, a midday pick-me-up snack, and even a key ingredient in various popular desserts. It is a delicious and colorful addition to dessert tables, a much coveted gift and makes for a surprising party favor.


Kosher and Vegan